New Year, yet the Gardens Stay

The LBO already completed both rehearsal phases and recorded part 2 of the Jubilee CD – and all of that at the beginning of the new year. However, this is no ordinary year but rather the 40th year since the founding of the orchestra in 1978. Prior to the autumn phase of the jubilee, a very classical program will be played in the spring and summer. The main reason for this is the invitation to perform the final concert of the Innsbruck Promenade Concerts on the 29th of July.

Burning with anticipation, the whole orchestra awaits this rare opportunity to perform in the courtyard of the imperial Hofburg. In 2010 the LBO already appeared here, delighting musicians and audience alike with a festive ceremony in regal style, gracefully complimented by the warmth of a balmy summer evening.

However there is nothing as constant as change. After the “Gardens” brought the LBO so much luck at the WMC in Kerkrade – “El Jardin de las Hespérides“ (José Suñer Oriola) was the major work in the programme – the LBO will soon play at two garden shows in the south of Germany: on the 17th of June at the Würzburg Flower Show and on the 27th of July at the Lahr Flower Show.

Further concert dates in the jubilee year can be found here.

Winner of the composition contest

Alea iacta est: After an intensive study of the submitted applications, the jury has chosen the winner of the Logo in Sound composition contest.

Congratulations to Christiaan Janssen (Janssen Music).

The LBO will include the composition in its fall program.

If you would like to know more about the winner and his work "Festmusik des LBO", read about this in the current forte in an interview.

Logo in Sound – composition contest

In 2018, the Landesblasorchester Baden-Württemberg (LBO) will celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding. For this occasion the LBO will undergo a makeover: the logo and whole appearance will be renewed.

Thus, the logo mirrors the values of the LBO: The LBO aims to reach out to people and trigger emotions. The new colour scheme is characterised by a variety of warm shades of red, which stand for love, passion and lifeblood. It thus represents the many facets of the LBO and demonstrates the many layers of musical perception. All in all, the logo is not static but rather gives the impression of movement and rhythm through its sweeping lines. The differing upper and lower lengths of the logo show highs and lows, just as music is defined by a sequence of differing pitches. Last but not least, the LBO is committed to and proud of its home.

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The LBO is Vice World Champion

Last Sunday the LBO, under the baton of conductor Björn Bus, performed at the World Music Contest in Kerkrade, in Bus’ home country, the Netherlands. The result was a gold medal, 96 points and the title of Vice World Champion. The LBO was invited to take part in the Harmony Concert Division, the highest concert class of this competition, which can be described as the World Cup of symphonic wind music. The orchestra was able to wow the jury and also the audience, clearly moved, with a highly emotional programme. Due to the fact that this year a new system of evaluation was introduced in order to search for a certain “x-factor”, the south German ensemble performed an overall art work with the title “Every Child in the World has a Right to a Future”. The suffering and plight of children and young people all over the world was thus put under a spotlight. With the help of carefully chosen pictures, projected behind the orchestra parallel to the concert, the musical programme became a striking message.

The percussion section begins the theme impressively with the specially commissioned “Middle East Raid” by Eckhard Stromer. A rapid series of pictures appears simultaneously, showing the viewer conflicts all over the world. Consequently Corinna Henger describes, with her soft and expressive performance of Claude Debussy’s “Syrinx” a picture of a pure and intact world before the orchestra seamlessly proceeds with Carl Nielsen’s “Pan & Syrinx Op 49”. Lyrical parts here remind us of the safe world previously described, but the music also takes on a more threatening note. With Salvador Broton’s “Rebroll” (Rebirth) the tension reaches breaking point. This is shown through images of war and destruction. The major work “El jardin de las Hespérides” (José Suñer Oriola) follows next. The music here mirrors perfectly pictures of home, dreams, flight, arrival and hope. After the 45- minute programme (see here) the internationally specialised audience in the fully-occupied Rodahal, held its breath for half a minute before the tension dispersed with a long applause, standing ovation and calls of “Bravo!”. The conductor Björn Bus commented on the best result a German orchestra has ever received at the WMC (and with only 0.5 points shy of 1 st place) as “surreal” and praised the orchestra directly after their performance, saying he was “incredibly proud”. The year and a half of planning, tireless work and passion on the part of the orchestra members and, of course, their conductor were thereby a great success and strengthened the LBOs international reputation to no end.

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