The LBO travels to South Korea

We are playing at the WASBE Conference 2024 in Gwangju (South Korea)

Symphonic wind music is not only found in Europe, but all over the world. Orchestras, ensembles, conductors and music experts organize themselves in the WASBE, the World Association for Symphonic Wind Music. The regular WASBE conferences serve to bring together and exchange different musical cultures and offer a global stage for top orchestras.

For the next conference in South Korea, we were invited as the only European orchestra with a full concert program for a gala concert. It is a special honor for us to represent Germany and Europe on this international stage, and we need your support.

Interview with Björn Bus

Before our trip, we spoke with Björn Bus, our conductor, about topics such as WASBE, symphonic wind music in South Korea, our Wildflowers program and the importance of music in our society.


It’s about more than music

We find ourselves in a time in which the natural coexistence between people, nations and cultures is moving further and further away instead of closer together. This development is catastrophic for us as a society.

Orchestra and music are unifying elements – both in the community of musicians and as ambassadors for the audience. The coming together of different cultures who communicate through music and broaden their horizons. This awakens understanding and creates peace.

And that’s exactly what it’s all about: the Baden-Württemberg State Wind Orchestra is traveling to South Korea as a representative of Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe. This is also reflected in our program, which presents particularly valuable music literature from Europe.

It is about more than music, it is about a cultural encounter that is taking place at a time when the importance of such encounters cannot be overstated.

Many thanks to our sponsors, donors, supporters and fans!


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Our program: Wildflowers – Young works from Europe

In order to do justice to the “Wildflowers” concept, a program of works from various European countries was put together. Each work was written in recent years and represents a cultural facet of Europe.

You can find out which works we play here.

You can already listen to our Wildflowers program in Germany.