Teaching concert

Symphonic and traditional music together
Discover brass music classics

Which work enhances our orchestral sound?

How do polkas, marches and waltzes really groove?

How do you bring out the timbres of a wind orchestra?

How do you use articulation, phrasing and dynamics in the right style?

Which piece fits into our new concert program?

Why not try the LBO teaching concert?

The teaching concerts usually take place before the evening concerts of the Landesblasorchester.

The concept
Course of the teaching concert
  • As a participating orchestra, you choose a work from our classics lists. Ideally, you should already be preparing this piece with your orchestra.

  • At the one-hour teaching concert, the musicians of your orchestra rehearse the selected work together with those of the LBO. Artistic director Björn Bus not only gives rehearsal tips for tricky passages, but also goes into the background and interpretation approaches of the work.

  • The LBO musicians will give your colleagues from the music clubs important tips for mastering the individual parts.

  • By making music together, people get to know each other and overcome any fear of contact. Ultimately, both sides, the Musikverein and the Landesblasorchester, will benefit musically and personally from this encounter.

  • The jointly rehearsed piece could, for example, become part of your upcoming concert program.

Why classics of symphonic wind music?

When you go to a symphony orchestra concert, you often hear the well-known classics by Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven. But there are also numerous classics for wind orchestras that are rousing and important for the sound development of symphonic wind orchestras. We have selected eleven works of varying degrees of difficulty, all of which are of very high artistic quality and inspiring in every respect.

Why traditional brass band classics?

Traditional brass band music is a central and enthusiastically practiced part of our culture in Baden-Württemberg, Germany and Europe. Polkas, marches and waltzes are an integral part of the repertoire of our country’s music societies. The works of traditional wind music contain stylistic subtleties in a very small space, which must be shaped together. We have selected ten works from the field of traditional brass music that have become an integral part of today’s repertoire.

Classics of symphonic wind music

  • Sayonara – Jan van der Roost
  • Flashing Winds – Jan van der Roost
  • Gulliver’s Travels – Bert Appermont
  • Lord Tullamore – Carl Wittrock
  • Alvamar Overture – James Barnes
  • English Folk Song Suite – Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • First Suite – Gustav Holst
  • October – Eric Whitacre
  • Oregon – Jacob de Haan
  • Armenian Dances (Part 1) – Alfred Reed
  • The Lord of the Rings (Gandalf & Hobbits) – Johan de Meij

Classics of traditional brass music


  • Arsenal – Jan van der Roost
  • The sun rises – Rudi Fischer
  • Florentine March – Julius Fučik
  • Mars of the Medici – Johan Wiechers
  • With full sails – Klaus Strobl


  • On the bird meadow – Josef Poncar

  • Bohemian dream – Norbert Gälle

  • From friend to friend – Martin Scharnagl


  • On the beautiful blue Danube – Johann Strauss (son)

  • Waltz No. 2 – Dimitri Shostakovich

Participate in a teaching concert as a music club

If you would like to organize an educational concert together with your music club and the LBO, we would be delighted to hear from you using our contact form.

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